Someone said, Open plot is God's property, And when you walks over it, calls it your own then you just had made into partnership with original owner. Many people dream of creating wealth. A goal that seem increasingly tough to get simply because of some insecurities regarding open land investment, Here are top 5 benefits of investment in open land.

1 Lowest Initial Investment.   


    Ready to move flats, even at most affordable rates are priced high than any particular land lot. As a result many peoples invest in flats taking home loans to do finance. At other side , land is far more valuable. They have low entry tickets which means that even young investors can buy them without any financial problems on their way. of course many investors choose to buy land during thier lifetime and build own house on it later, when they have a lot of money. It definetly may turn out to be cheaper than buying a house and paying EMIs for it.

2)  Zero Cost Of maintenance.

If you have purchased house with EMI, you will have to pay certain amount for maintenance even though if you are not living in it, on other side NA plots doent have such maintenance.


3) Least Tax On Property.

Property tax is inenvitable expense whether you purchase house or plot or land, Fortunately very least tax in case of NA plots which is depends on your state. The owner land pays the tax assessed by the municipal office or the Municipal Office of the city. But their are some importance of paying tax on NA land such as water and electricity, and your tax paying receipt is playing important role while taking loan.

4) Higher Returns In Future.

About Open land or any other type of land, Their is no doubt land prices always increases, its depends surround infrastructure around the land therefore for investing point of view its the best option to get higher returns in future.Lets see an example the lower rate in navi mumbai located in Ulwe before two years was Rs/- 778 per sqft and now days its rises upto Rs/- 6152 per sqft. So you can analyse how much difference between two years land prices.

5) Land Is Most Reliable Asset.

 Purchasing NA land is another level of feeling, because open land is property of nature god so when you walks over it, call its your own then you are in direct partnership with original owner of earth.

These are most important top 5 benefits in our research about land.